5 Tips To Save Our Oceans


Summer is fully upon us and I’m currently enjoying all the good things at the French Riviera. Known for its beautiful coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, I’ve been visiting this place regularly since 2006 as a part of my significant other’s family lives here.

There’s one beach we’re specifically attached to, La Garoupe, as it is forever tied to our years as young lovers aka the pré Jackie Rio era.
What a shock it was to be standing in what once was picture perfect water. Floating plastic everywhere. It is disgusting and heartbreaking at the same time knowing how different this place looked no longer than a few years ago.

So instead of posting what outfits I packed for this trip, I think it’s a good start for these more holiday themed posts I'm about to publish this summer, to list a few things I’m doing to take responsability in #stoptheplastic. And get you inspired to set your own rules to reduce your plastic waste or maybe you're already doing all of this and you have other great tips?
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  1. I ditch plastic water bottles as much as I can, certainly at home. Buying a water filter to recycle tab water is step 1

  2. A reusable bag when I go (grocery) shopping is as important as my wallet

  3. Refusing single-use plastic bags is always on my shopping list

  4. Being an example, in the first place to my daughter, on how to treat mother nature is crucial. People were staring and talking when I was fishing for plastic in Antibes, that’s good. Spreading awareness by taking action and doing what’s feels right, will switch other people on.

  5. I don’t fool myself to think that this isn't MY problem. That it’s not my task to pick up plastic on the beach. Or to write about it. We àll have the duty to take care of it for ourselves and for our later generations. Adopting Gandhi's philosophy of 'be the change you want to see', I believe in the power of grassroots movements and small communities. Just read Afroz Shah's story here, one person who is responsible for largest beach clean-up project in the world.

    So inform, educate, share…
    And do what you can.