What Is Your Signature Style?

 Wearing a full Levi's look and Cartier accessories. Glasses are vintage and from Ray-Ban. Pictures shot by Sofie De Pauw @Villa Olmen ( ArchitectenWoning.be )

Wearing a full Levi's look and Cartier accessories. Glasses are vintage and from Ray-Ban. Pictures shot by Sofie De Pauw @Villa Olmen (ArchitectenWoning.be)

Knowing how to define your personal style makes every aspect of it easier. From selecting the right pieces when you’re out shopping over matching them seemingly together to create bold and beautiful outfits.
It's a direction to go in a world full of possibilities.

At the EMMA Personal Styling agency we always start a session by determining someone’s fashion persona. An unique style DNA that translates someone’s personality. Values & key facts on style, figure & colour are written down to focus our minds before we go shopping.

After more than 10 years of styling hundreds of women I’ve found that everyone belongs to a mix of the style types listed below

Your style should be a mix of 2-3 types (I'd suggest max. 5!) emphasizing one or another depending on how you feel that day and the occasion of course.
Tell me in the comments in which style types you recognize yourself the most!



You prefer to invest in timeless items and practical basics for any season. Nothing too special as you don’t want to stand out with your styling. Comfortable wear in the weekend, more dressed up but still traditional during the week with tailored pieces like a fitted blazer and little (black) dress. Navy, white, red, camel and other browns are your favorite colors.


Your clothes are all sharp & streamlined with clean surfaces. 
We see mostly black and neutrals in your wardrobe.  Accessories are strong statements or fine details, nothing in between. Your favorite outfit is a crisp white tee + modern cut pants and a boxy blazer.


Styling yourself is all about expressing yourself. You love to make statements and are not afraid to take risks. You are innovative and you prefer an interesting styling over a beautiful styling. Unusual pieces that catch your eye are the ones you take home with you. If we take a look at your closet we find mostly black with a mix of bold colors. Prints too.



You like to layer and combine different items of clothing to reflect your unique character. Off the shoulder maxi-dresses, wide-legged pants and blouses with voluminous sleeves are your thing. Think floaty silhouettes where you feel free in. Fringes, lace and see-through are playful details you add to your stylings. All pieces come in earth tones, the lighter the better.


Jeans is your all year round item. You combine it with everything and for every occasion. An effortlessly casual look is your goal yet you don’t like to overthink your outfits. It’s just an easy comfortable style consisting of max. 3 pieces per silhouette. Accessoires have to be practical otherwise you won’t wear them.


You don't like a cute styling, you rather exude power with your clothes.
Studs, leather (embellishments), ripped fabrics and other strong details are key elements for an edgy style. No pink, just black, jeans and neutrals like khaki & white.

emmagelaude_style type 2.jpg


You like to dress sharp. Sleek pieces oozing that chic big city vibe. 
You buy high-quality, smart items that are always in style and you splurge on designer accessories & expensive fabrics.
All tonal fused items except for some touches of gold. 


Every outfit has to highlight at least one body part. Think mini dresses, deep backs, fitted trousers, plunging necklines and other figure hugging styles for a sultry (but always classy) result.
Nothing oversized for you.


Your style treads that line between theatricality and reality. Alice In Wonderland is your style icon. Or at least she reminds you that fashion needs to be fun.
You prefer a rainbow of colors and princess cut dresses plus skirts even/ especially on a grey day.



You’re nostalgic and you have a profound love for fashion and the history of it. It can be a mix of era’s, but you are mostly inspired by a certain decade. From the glamorous shapes of the fifties to seventies hippie-infused items. Must: you’re a pro in blending new and vintage pieces. 


You love every garment that has the word ‘boyfriend’ (e.g boyfriend jeans, boyfriend blazer,…) in it. You might as well go shopping in your boyfriend’s wardrobe, as boxy, straight and oversized items are exactly what you're looking for.


While this style is built on the classics, there is more room for experimentation here. You can go bold with color and prints for example. It's also younger as the preppy trend originated from school students in North-eastern America and is also referred to as the ‘Ivy League Look’.
Everything is very well and much put together with a very neat and clean finish as result. Your key pieces are fitted blazers, polo's, chinos & boat shoes combined with statement accessories like a bow tie.


Do you find this really hard?

Then try, for one month, to place everything you wear on a separate rail. You will quickly realise the items that are the building blocks of your wardrobe.
Then link the pieces to the style types, this is your frame.

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