Get In Travel Mood With Les Eaux De Chanel

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PARIS-DEAUVILLE, PARIS-BIARRITZ & PARIS-VENICE are the 3 new CHANEL smells for this summer. All named after Gabrielle’s favourite holiday spots, #leseauxdechanel were composed by perfumer Olivier Polge and carry you away immediately.

I had the privilege to experience the press launch at Deauville, France.
Feel free to step aboard.
(ps: video is coming soon and will be published at the Marie website)

Usually a press trip gets interesting the moment you arrive at the location.
Not this time.
Entering Paris Nord we were brought to a little station nearby with the biggest surprise. The Oriënt Express. Thé legendary Oriënt Express that connected Europe’s greatest cities, from Paris to Istanbul. A glamorous icon on the rails.

Imprinted in both history and imagination, The Oriënt Express train by CHANEL transported us back to the beginning of the 20th century when the Parisian upper class travelled to Deauville for the weekend.

Other iconic moments forever engraved in my memory;

  • chilling at Chanel plage
  • sleeping in the famous Hotel Normandy at Deauville where they filmed 'Un homme et une Femme' by Claude Lelouch
  • indulging the story of the perfume in the same house Marc Proust wrote his legendary 'A la recherche du temps perdu'


Gabrielle Chanel opened her very first fashion boutique in Deauville. The seaside resort brought Mademoiselle closer to the peace and quiet of the Normandy countryside.

PARIS-DEAUVILLE translates this idyllic charm with fresh, green notes that mimic the essence of the open air.



Gabrielle Chanel discovered Biarritz. She was immediately taken with this haven of peace at the edge of the ocean and its sporty yet fashionable atmosphere. Bringing together elegance and comfort, her designs caught the attention of an international clientele and marked the debut of CHANEL.

PARIS-BIARRITZ captures all the energy and freedom of this seaside town.



Gabrielle Chanel fell madly in love with Venice. It changed her life. Shattered by the death of her lover Boy Capel, she drew strength from the bustling energy of this rich and diverse city with its mix of people and influences from around the world.

PARIS-VENISE interprets the captivating draw of this city that marks the boundary between East and West.

My favourite is the vibrant and fruity PARIS-BIARRITZ.
Discover the collection and more details on the CHANEL site here.

Chanel took me on a journey.
And that’s exactly what #leseauxdechanel are about.

Tell me in the comments what your travel plans are this summer!


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