My Entrepreneurial Timeline

  Wearing a Fabienne Chapot suit (pants + shirt + blazer) and Morobé shoes.  Pictures by Sofie De Pauw. Shot in an house for sale (Villa De Olmen).

Wearing a Fabienne Chapot suit (pants + shirt + blazer) and Morobé shoes. 
Pictures by Sofie De Pauw. Shot in an house for sale (Villa De Olmen).

My professional journey is one of many highs and lows. Tracing back to the very beginning, it all started as one big adventure. Scary too. But I had no choice but to keep pushing myself forward and to learn from my mistakes.

Creating a timeline is taking a moment to stop
and list all these significant experiences in your career

Things become more clear.
To me it’s key in knowing which challenges are next plus they remind me of the small victories &  fun moments. 

I wrote my full story in the Make My Dream Work book but I wanted to give you an idea of my entrepreneurial start up years. The first 10. Part 1 of my journey. 
That’s how it feels right now.

How it all began. And blossomed up. With mountains high, rivers deep and many moments of just hustling my way and trying things out.

I’m so excited to take you with me on part 2 of my adventure.
Let me know in the comments if you also make a (personal or professional) timeline + why?


xxemma_atgt handtekening.JPG
  • 1984 Hello world (Ghent, Belgium)

  • 2000 - 2006 Modelling work at Dominique Models (2005 resident in Milan for 6 months)

  • 2003 - 2006 Start of my Psychology studies at the University of Ghent, I never finish

  • 2006 I want to make my dream work so I become self-employed and create a business(plan) (almost 9months non stop)

  • 2007 Launch EMMA Personal Styling, a premium personal shopping & styling agency. Simultaneous launch of, a personal style blog where I share restylings, favourite fashion discoveries and my entrepreneurial journey since day 1. 
    MFB is listed as Belgium's 1st fashion blog

  • 2008 I create content for several media outlets. Monthly columns for Unizo (A Girl In Business, EMMA Blogt) Guido magazine (Style by EMMA) & Pulp magazine (EMMA's Favorites)

  • 2009 I’m convinced I have a great business idea: an affiliate driven online shopping platform. So I file for 2 prominent competitions, The Womed Award & Fortis Starters Award. It's a total disaster and the idea and my way of thinking are not appreciated. The arrogant turning down was too much for me to cope with at that moment. My enthusiasm got killed and I let the idea fade away. A huge mistake. I should not have given up on this one. It's the one (business idea) that got away

  • 2010 To change my focus, I accept an offer to write a fashion book for Van Halewijck, IMPACT, on the effect of styling on yourself and others. I also make my appearance as the main stylist in the Vitaya show 'Model in 1 Dag'

  • 2011 The year I decide to organise a large fashion event in my hometown with all the premium stores. Ghent Fashion Night is a huge success and the night ends with 1200 people dancing. 
    Start of another column, Het Nieuwsblad (Streetstyle by EMMA)

  • 2012 Introduction of the EMMA Styling Corner. A restyling booth that lands at several large events spread over Belgium.
    Karl Lagerfeld regrams my picture. +1K followers in 15min. Those were the times
  • 2013 have my first blog collaboration with a brand and that's Ebay. I had declined banners until then as I thought them to be ugly & distracting. This campaign however will become an elevator pitch for the blog. That year I work with Starbucks and several large fashion brands. With AddMyBerry I launch a t-shirt line

  • 2014 M.A.C Cosmetics lets me create my own eye shadow palette. It's sold out in my home town - thank youuuu!
    For Range Rover I design a skin in white marble. It's the start of a long term ambassadorship together with my partner Frederic Rozier

  • 2015 Fashion magazine Marie Claire and I join forces to create fashion stories and videos. The blog is nominated and wins 'Best Fashion Blog' by the Zalando Awards.
    Hello li'Jackie Rio Rozier

  • 2016 Launch of the 'Love Life' jewellery collection with Diamanti Per Tutti. A design & story I created for my daughter. The blog wins another Award. This time 'Creative Content Icon'.
    Knokke Fashion Weekend is the 2nd fashion event I co-organise, this time with nightlife entrepreneur John Noseda. Who had a ticket to the EMMA Pool Party? 

  • 2017 Together with the O'ren boys we launch a sweater collection. The 500th person gets (re)styled at EMMA Personal Styling.
    This years also marks a decade and I decide to write my second book, Make My Dream Work, on my entrepreneurial adventure of 10 years business, blogging & fashion

  • 2018 I'm ready for part 2, hope you are too. Thanks for joining me on this crazy adventure