My Big Hair Routine

I have to  thank my momma for my thick hair including the extensive routine maintenance that comes along with it.
Over the years I learned what techniques worked and which tools are absolutely crucial to get that glamorous effect. ‘Cause ending up with a frizzy mess perfect for that '80s costume party is easier than you think. Or the other way around. You spend an hour in your bathroom wrist-twisting the hell out of your brush & dryer with not the next-level pouf result you would have expected by now. Bummer.

So let me share with you my hair routine and foolproof volume-building tricks in this video I created together with Remington. The AIRD3D is an incredible dryer all on its own.
The ultramodern design features a compact head with a hollow core which has been engineered to produce that 3D airflow, providing us with max volume done with min effort.

Go check it out below and let me know if this worked for you in the comments! 

xxemma_atgt handtekening.JPG

My forever hair idol
is Brigitte Bardot with
her luscious long locks and perfectly messy style