5 Signs You Need A Break Too

  All pictures from our vacation to the South of France, Antibes in 2014. Pré Jackie Rio that is..

All pictures from our vacation to the South of France, Antibes in 2014. Pré Jackie Rio that is..

I’m all about working hard, grinding your way up and making your dream work, but going full throttle for months, is hard. Both mentally and physically.

It has been since July last year that our family took some time off together.
An official getaway of spending a few days abroad to fully disconnect and recharge. 
But work commitments, a dozen plans to enroll and just an allround hectic routine make it quite difficult to take breaks.
Like rèal breaks. Where the big question of the day is if I rather go to the beach or stay at the pool..

Below are my 5 warning signs that I must hit the beach asap to sit down with a tequila sunrise. If you recognize yourself in any of the following, you know what to do.

1. I can’t remember what day it is

Every day, at some point, I ask myself if it's monday, tuesday or saturday. It just became one blur of work.

2. I haven’t been to the gym in months nor can I get back into my sport routine

I’m just so tired. The idea of getting drilled by a sweaty six-pack is just too much. Let alone all the side hustle that comes with it (babysit for Jackie, I have to wash my hair afterwards, pffff…) I just can’t.
Yet I when I’m feeling good I love to be active. Often  when I recover on holidays I pick up my sport routine in a heartbeat. I’m curious how many days it will take me this time to shake off that fatigue.

3. “How Are You?” “Busy!”

If my brain gets overworked, I fail in small talk. I need all my energy for just being there and standing up & stuff. So I answer the ultimate cliché “busy!” meaning:  I got a hundred tabs open in my head, another one will make the rainbow wheel go spinning. Please don't ask me questions right now.

4. "What did you do this weekend?" “Work!”

When life feels like an endless nonstop to-do list. Normally I enjoy the rush and I don’t mind to work long days in a row, even at weekends or sunday nights. But then suddenly, it all gets very overwhelming. Challenges become obstacles. I have to visit my own @makemydreamwork IG page to get back in work-modus.

5. Loose fits & sneakers 24/7

I can’t seem to squirm myself/my body into a skinny jeans or fitted blouse anymore, let alone walk on 12cm heels.  
Wearing your pjs to work? yes please!


And do you recognize yourself? Tell me in the comments!

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