Party Inspiration. How To Create Killer Legs.


Sometimes you have to bring in a new player to stir things up a bit.
Especially during holiday season, a little surprise in your wardrobe is ideal to create fresh combinations even with that party dress you wore last year. Or the shirt you also wear to work. Let me propose some fierce outfit ideas rocking my favourite Wolford tights of the season, the Pearl Net Tights.


Fishnets never looked so chic





It’s the oldest trick in the book. Creating a distraction with a new statement piece so you can re-use your favourite garments. Like this heavily studded blazer I decided to wear as a dress for the occasion. The pattern and similar pearl details bring the look together while giving it a high NYE level.


Play against type and match your sexy tights with classic-y, athleisure-y stuff. This long shirt is something I normally wear over a jeans or wide pants yet this way you get a nice contrast. I added a handmade ceramique bow tie for a festive touch.



Embrace the sheer dress trend and layer your see-through item over your stockings.
It’s a risky thing to do but if you play it right (read: wear the right under wear, pick the right items) you have created a very fashionable and even stylish look perfect to party. This dress is a vintage pick I scored years ago (think it’s a wedding gown).
For this outfit I removed the under dress to go for a totally different more-sexy-less-sweet look. So check your wardrobe for versatile pieces you can also transform this way.