My Hometown. My Playground. But Why?

Traveling makes me feel alive.
Nothing like a change of scenery to get me inspired & drag me out of the turmoil. Yet, Ghent holds a special place in my heart.

So no wonder ‘it was good to be back’, when I shot this video covering some of my favourite places, hang outs and short cuts.
It was also a great way to discover the new Cashfree app, letting you pay and receive money with just a few clicks on your self phone. It’s is an easy mobile payment solutionwithout terminals or bank cards, designed especially for consumers that shop local. Most of my favourite shops are already #cashfree.


Now, let me give you my local point of view
on why hometowns are the best.




I know this city like the back of my hand.
Depending on your mood, interests and/or the shoes you’re wearing, I can give you 10 totally different routes to reach your destination in Ghent. Which means there’s always an option to pass by that cool shop or stop for a quick coffee on your favourite terrace.


That you can avoid tourists by taking short cuts through places & small streets not (yet) listed on TripAdvisor is a huge plus as well.

Now that hangovers are from a past life, it’s actually kinda fun to bump into people every 5 minutes. Things get even better when you come across child hood friends. Little reunion anyone? I forgot to say, people from Ghent take every reason (read excuse) to party. Just google ‘Gentse Feesten’.

It’s the familiar feeling you get when you enter the city that marks so much special moments in your life.

From being a little kid eating ‘Veneziana’ ice cream on the Graslei over the endless gossip dates that took place on De Korenmarkt with my girlfriends not to forget the Beestenmarkt-parties including lots of french kissing.

I can be myself here. No one looks up if I say ‘drieëndertig’, which sounds as ‘ddrrdddrddddrrrrr’.
Just knowing that you fit in without any effort, feels hella good.

Check the video below.
Set the subtitles to your language.

emma gelaude handtekening