My Favorite Designer Bags And How I Take Care Of Them


There’s no easier way to update your outfit than through your accessories.
It’s the extra that changes up your look and adds an interesting touch to any basic piece or combination.


Both functional and symbolic, handbags are flat down my favourite. They are the most visible accessory and a true expression of one’s style.


If you play it right they will hold their value and sometimes even increase in price. That is if you invest in the right pieces ànd take good care of them. 


I plan to give all these beauties to my daughter Jackie Rio one day.
Therefore keeping them fresh and clean as possible is a must. So I have my own ‘Tender Loving Care’ routine for my bags to ensure they will last for years.


The initial step is to clean your purse.
Empty all the pockets and shake the bag upside down to remove debris. Wipe the exterior (and interior if it’s necessary) with a cotton cloth dipped in warm water and soap. A baby wipe is also an option but make sure there are no chemicals involved as that will cause damage to the color or dry the leather out.


Leather is skin and needs to be moisturized regularly if you want to maintain its original condition for decades and keep the leather supple. That doesn’t mean you have to share you Crème De La Mèr with your designer bag but using a specific conditioner for leather goods does wonders.

A prepared bag is worth 2 (if only) so shielding it from spills and dirt before (sh)it happens is a general rule of bag maintenance. I am a big proponent of spraying leather bags with a water and stain repellent.

At last, keeping your bag stuffed with tissue will help maintaining its shape better. Stored in an upright position in their dust bags while you’re not using it will also make them last longer.

I repeat this every 6-9 months depending on how much I wore that specific bag and in what circumstances. It may take quite some work to get it back to its original glory but it’s absolutely necessary if you want to love your bags for years.

For the occasion I took a close look at my collection and selected 3 handbags that belong on the top shelf this season. A vintage Dior medium size pocket bag, my beloved Delvaux‘Simplissimmé’, a remake from a sixties model and my latest designer purse, the YSL Monogram Chain one.

Check the video if you want to hear the stories behind them.
Set the subtitles to your language.
And let me know in the comments how you take care of your favorite splurges!